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Mugshot: Defiance and duckface

Angela Green did not want to check out of her hotel, did not want to pay to stay, did not want to give her name to police and ultimately did not want to get arrested. Having her mugshot taken does not seem to have been a problem.

Meet Angel Green, 34, of Cleveland, Ohio, forced on July 12, 2014, to check out of the Quality Inn on Euclid when she didn’t want to. Police got the call from the hotel complaining of two guests who paid for the previous night, but refused to check out. Officers explained that they had to pay or go. The man Brian Baker, 24, seems to have cooperated, but “the female [Green] became loud and uncooperative,” and gave a fake name.

According to police, once outside, Green became louder and more uncooperative, and cops figured out she had “provided fictitious information.” Green refused to identify herself, and after a brief struggle, was arrested. She was charged with obstructing official business, and later released on a $354 cash bond. Defiant to the last, the duck face mugshot was no charge at all.

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