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Cops confiscate ‘Mickey Mouse’ driver’s license

Police in Bellevue, Washington, responding to a July 3 call about some stolen road construction signs spotted on the patio of a neighborhood condo, found the missing signs, as well as 67 fake credit cards, 28 fake government IDs, seven phony Social Security cards, hundreds of forged checks and 39 fake IDs and drivers’ licenses, including this one.

According to Lt. Lisa Patricelli, “It appears that most of the victims in this case had their identities stolen after their mail was stolen or their cars were broken into by these suspects.”

Among the fake IDs was this obvious forgery that shows an Anaheim, California, address on a Washington State driver’s license in the name of none other than Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The photo on the forged license is a dead ringer for the celebrity mouse proving that these days no one is safe from identity theft.

In all, four suspects were arrested, three on outstanding warrants, and one who allegedly confessed to stealing the signs.

Police photo of forged Mickey Mouse license, No. MOUSEME721QQ

Police photo of forged Mickey Mouse license, No. MOUSEME721QQ

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