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Heartbreaking video shows the effects of leaving a child in a hot car

Every summer, one particularly tragic type of story makes its way into headlines across the country: children left in hot cars. Some are rescued in time, while others unfortunately don’t make it.

This heartwrenching video shows how such a scenario can unfold, and how quickly a small child can lose consciousness and die when left alone in a hot vehicle. And, the film reminds us, it’s not just drunks and junkies who are susceptible to putting their kids in danger of vehicular heatstroke. A harried mom with too much on her mind can just as easily leave Junior strapped in his carseat, go for a quick shopping trip, and return to her worst nightmare.

According to a behind the scenes interview, director Isaac Barker was inspired to make the film after his own young daughter found her way into the family car and couldn’t get out.

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