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Suspect left ‘salesperson of the month’ award at robbery scene

Washington State man Alfred J. Shropshire III, 49, was arrested after police responding to a robbery in Lakewood, allegedly found his plaque on the front lawn of the home. He later confirmed for police that it was his, but why in the world his award was at the scene of a robbery is still a mystery.

The terrified victim called police on June 11 after the robber woke her just before 9 a.m. by tapping on her shoulder. He then walked out the front door, which had reportedly been forced open. The victim claimed that a box of coins and her purse were gone.

According to South Tacoma Mazda, the dealership that issued the award, Shropshire had stopped working there in January. Luckily this astoundingly helpful lead would not go to waste.

Shropshire, turns out, was under Department of Corrections monitoring at the time of the robbery, and obediently checked in with his DOC officer the next day. According to the officer, Shropshire reported that he had gone to see a friend that Monday, who was not at home. Shropshire then explained that he had walked around the neighborhood until an unknown woman had invited him in to her home to sleep. Shropshire told the officer that he spent the night there, and went to his friend’s in the morning. The DOC officer contacted Lakewood police.

Police reportedly questioned Shropshire about his award, and he confirmed that it was his. He was charged with residential burglary.


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