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Adorable puppy destroys car by driving it into pond

Rosie, the puppy who drowned a car.

Rosie, the puppy who drowned a car.

It’s not unheard of for a dog to accidentally set a car in motion and wreak a little havoc in the process, but even police were surprised at this. Also, only the shear joy of a puppy could have caused so much damage.

It was a German shepherd puppy, Rosie, 12 weeks old, whom her owner, John Costello, describes as “a handful.” Rosie was so happy after getting a nice walk at Bolivar Pond in Canton, Massachusetts, that she ran to the open driver’s door of the Dodge Neon Costello had just started up.

According to Costello, she jumped in, on top of him, it seems, accidentally hit the gear shift putting the car into drive, slipped, and fell paws first onto the gas pedal below. The car took off and drove straight into the nearby Bolivar pond. ”The car went for a swim. We all did,” Costello said later.

Costello told reporters, ”When the car first went into the water, I jumped out to grab the dog and she jumped into the back seat.”

With the help of Eric Hermann, who was working nearby, and another man, Costello waded back to the car, that was still moving, and ”I just leaped in and grabbed the dog and pulled her out and we both fell back into the water,” he said, adding, ”By the time we got the puppy out, the car had slid and we had to do a little swimming,”

In the end, Officer Rob Quirk tweeted, “A German Shepard puppy is in the “doghouse” after hitting the gas and sending her owner’s car into Bolivar Pond. Owner and puppy are both ok. The car…not so much… The perp says he was just going with the flow of traffic.”

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