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Man learns why getting drunk and shooting up a rodeo is a bad idea

Celestino Moras

Celestino Moras

Celestino Moras, 25, of Austell, Georgia, crashed the Memorial Day weekend annual church picnic and rodeo. According to the property owner, Moras drank too much, and instead of leaving quietly when asked, stood up and opened fire with a handgun.

The approximately 300 attendees scattered while Moras emptied his clip. When the smoke cleared, three people had been shot.

At that point a nearby cowboy saw his opportunity and lassoed Moras. Then, some nearby attendees beat Moras into submission and held him for police.

Moras was treated for facial bruising and cuts at a local hospital. The three wounded were also treated and released.

Moras was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.


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