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Police seek Boston Tickler, victims are understandably ‘freaked’

It turns out that the mysterious Tickler, who for the last two-to-three years many Boston College students thought was a myth, is real and on the prowl.

Police report four incidents in April of a 5-foot-8-inch black male of unknown age in dark clothing and a hoodie, entering unlocked student housing, and tickling his victims’ feet while they sleep, or — even more disturbing — just watching them.

Daniel Marenzi, a junior at Boston College reported that he woke up late one Sunday in the fall to his feet being tickled, “I thought my friend was just trying to annoy me, but I soon realized it wasn’t anyone I knew. I freaked out and sat up, but he was already on the way out.”

Though university administrators claim to have had no reports of the Tickler’s activities, police received ten confirmed reports, three on April 7 alone, and are investigating. Boston Police Sergeant Michael O’Hara, reportedly said, “This is no myth, This is happening.”

By “this,” however, O’Hara does not mean an escalating serial tickler, but an unidentified nocturnal intruder. There has so far been only one reported foot tickling, and police report no hard evidence or stolen items in any of the incidents.

Police are, however, still concerned. O’Hara recommend that students remain vigilant, lock their doors and report the crimes, adding, that police don’t know “what this guy is going to do or if he has a weapon.”



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