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Bar jokes about domestic violence, acquires national notoriety, Facebook scorn

Saturday night Courtney Williams entered Scruffy Duffie’s bar in Plano, Texas, and saw the following handwritten sign making fun of domestic violence. As a former victim of domestic violence, Williams was offended, and asked the bartender and two managers to take it down. Her friends also asked, but the sign stayed up. She posted it on Facebook. Now it’s down.

Williams snapped a photo of the sign, which reads “I like my beer like my violence domestic.”


Scruffy Duffie’s responded with the following post on their Facebook page:


Interestingly, in April a bartender at Philadelphia’s Bar Ly¬†thought it would be brilliant to post the same phrase on a sidewalk sandwich board. The sign was down soon after a woman tweeted it, and the bartender was fired.

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