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Crocodile injured by falling accountant

The crocodile, Feodor, a 6.5-foot-long male circus performer, was resting peacefully under a blanket on the bus with the rest of his coworkers, on May 20, 2014, when the vehicle hit a large pot hole. That’s when he was hit, out of nowhere, by a large 264-pound female accountant, leaving the reptilian artist in shock.

Feodor, who was reportedly throwing up for three hours after the incident, was checked by vets and determined to be okay. Though the stoic croc had no internal injuries, doctors barred him from public appearances until the weekend.

The accountant, who suffered cuts and bruises, was given an official reprimand for not wearing her seat belt, and could loose her job if something like this happens again. Also she was ”advised to lose weight.

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