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Massachusetts DOT: ‘Use ya blinkah’

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has high hopes for the electronic message posted this morning on roadways urging commuters to signal lane changes. In a move that some drivers have hailed as “Wicked Clevah!” the DOT apparently translated the English-language message, Changing lanes? Use your blinker! into English for Boston.

The message posted reads: CHANGING LANES? USE YA BLINKAH

Standard English translation: Use your blinker

Standard English translation: Use your blinker

Authorities got the idea from an email suggestion from a Massachusetts resident identified only as James asking that they occasionally use the electronic message signs to remind drivers to signal, “Occasionally, can the Transportation Dept set up their sign to remind motorists to use their directional signals when changing lanes or moving to an exit ramp. For safety sake and courtesy, it would be great if people on our streets and highways would use their signals when changing lanes,” James wrote. “I’m not sure if it is thoughtlessness or ignorance, or indifference.”

It should be noted that at least one driver tweeted, the move saddens him.

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