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Michael Alig ‘Party Monster’ is freed from prison

Seventeen years in prison later, New York’s infamous club kid Michael Alig is free. What did he do first? Well, he ate a burrito. But what’s most amazing is the interest he’s been able to generate on Twitter, Instagram and the media. He was always something of a public relations genius, and his release is proving that 17 years in prison hasn’t really slowed him down.

Alig was the inspiration for Macaulay Culkin‘s character in the 2003 film Party Monster. 

But let’s not forget the victim, Angel Melendez, whom Alig murdered. Angel’s body rotted in his Hell’s Kitchen apartment while Alig used his drugs and money to redecorate the apartment. Then he and his accomplice chopped up the body, stuffed it in a box and then took it — in a taxi — to dump in the Hudson river. Definitely worth reading’s excellent story of the entire murder right here.



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