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Half-naked woman falls into well during outdoor sex-capade

A couple in Spain, who decided to make sweet love in a park known for its teen drinking parties and covert liaisons, was rudely interrupted when the cover of the well shaft on which they were consummating their mutual admiration failed, causing the woman to plunge into the icy water below.

The well structure in question is described as a “waterwheel well shaft.” A similar one is shown here. It was covered to prevent just this sort of thing from happening. Police believe that the couple, in their passion, unknowingly moved the boards over the opening enough for the woman to fall through.

The unnamed woman, 21, suddenly found herself falling more than 10 yards into the icy water below. The man suddenly found himself awkwardly alone, hiked up his pants and rabbited, rather than calling for help.

Police did get an anonymous call later, probably from the man in question, but he was not at the scene. The woman, who by this time had hypothermia, was retrieved from the well. She emerged uninjured, soaking wet and without any underpants. She was hospitalized overnight and treated for hypothermia.

After the incident firefighters issued a warning to the public to beware of such hazards in that area, as there are a number of these water wheel well shafts that drunk or amorous teens could fall into.

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