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Naked Florida man spotted in Walgreen’s restroom by girl, 6

Christopher Mahurin

Christopher Mahurin

The little girl’s father waited for her to go to the bathroom, but rushed in when he heard her screaming. The naked man she had seen pushed her aside as the concerned father entered and rescued his daughter. So what was said naked guy doing in the women’s bathroom? Knocking boots with his girlfriend, of course.

It seems the couple was experiencing an uncontrollable animalistic urge while shopping at the Walgreen’s, and was in the women’s bathroom indulging their respective libidos when the little girl happened upon them. Why the guy had no clothes on at all, is still an open question. Winter Haven police were summoned and arrived to find the suspected couple, Jenna Lynn Frey, 22, and Christopher Mahurin, 24, innocently sitting inside a car in the parking lot, the keys in the ignition — each smoking a cigarette? Reports don’t say.

After swearing up and down that they were not the couple caught scrumping in the restroom, or walking around naked post coitus, Frey admitted that they actually were the couple in question.

Frey was not arrested, but police booked Mahurin for felony lewd and lascivious exhibition, indecent exposure in public, battery and — when it rains it pours — knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license.

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