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Man beaten at church for sexually assaulting women with his mind

It’s called Mubobobo, aka “supernatural sex,” wireless sex,” or “African Bluetooth sex,” and it’s apparently becoming a problem in the fair nation of Zimbabwe. For the uninitiated, it’s like sexual assault via Vulcan mind meld, and it can get you lynched, like one man almost found on March 15, 2014.

According to, Tafara Mukoto was attending services at the Nguva Yavatenderi Apostolic Church in a suburb of Bulawayo, when some congregants noticed him “facially expressing excitement,” and concluded that he was up to no good. According to witness Madzibaba Antony, “What happened is that one female congregant started complaining that she was just feeling as if she was having sex with a man. She looked confused and troubled and told some elderly women of her suspicions. As the matter was being discussed among the women, Mukoto, who was seen constantly tapping his foot suddenly bolted out from the crowd before we gave chase and managed to catch up with him. He was thoroughly beaten and had to seek refuge at a nearby house which is still under construction.”

The crowd decided that the suspect, Mukoto, was using a Mubobobo charm obtained from a witch, despite Mukoto’s protestations to the contrary, to spiritually rape women. Alleged victims of Mubobobo report an inexplicable feeling of sexual arousal, followed by the sense of having been violated once they regain control. If what happened is any indication, having regained control,victims also seem to have the desire open up a can of whoop-ass, which they did.

Police, are having trouble with the whole issue of Mubobobo, because of the obvious difficulty of proving, well, any of it really, beyond a reasonable doubt.

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