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Seattle police release two unseen photos of Kurt Cobain suicide scene

Police in Seattle discovered four rolls of undeveloped film in the Kurt Cobain file that they recently printed. What did they find? They say the photos show the scene of the suicide, Cobain’s body, and his heroin kit more clearly than previous Polaroid photos. They released two photos showing the cigar box holding heroin paraphernalia.

Cobain had been released from a rehab clinic days before taking a lethal dose of heroin and then apparently shooting himself in early in April 1994. An electrician sent to work on the house found Cobain’s body three days after he died, according to the medical examiner.

Some say that the confirmed suicide of Kurt Cobain was really foul play. California private investigator Tom Grant maintains that since Kurt’s body tested for three times a lethal amount of heroin, a self-inflected gunshot wound would be impossible. Grant also believes Courtney Love was involved in the murder of Kurt Cobain, yet there is no evidence to support his claim.

And it’s hard to believe that nobody but an electrician might have found Cobain. Celebrities and rock stars are normally constantly surrounded by people.


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