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Guy shows up to court carrying 43 bags of heroin

Te'Mon Molley

Te'Mon Molley

People have been known to react strangely to the fact of having to make a court appearance. In November a woman running late called in a bomb threat to the courthouse, in December a man stole a truck to get to court, and this week a New Jersey man allegedly brought his illicit business with him.

Defendant Te’Mon Molley, 18, of Pleasantville, New Jersey, was in court Wednesday on a completely separate matter, when bailiffs reportedly noticed that he and his two companions were emitting  ”a strong odor of marijuana,” and investigated. This investigation had nothing to do with the matter that brought him to the Atlantic County court that day. Molley’s friends were clean, and were released, but he was found to be carrying 43 bags on heroin on his person.

Specifically where on his person the baggies were located and how intensively court representatives had to search him is not mentioned in the reports.

The court seized the heroin and the $400 that Molley also had on him. He was jailed for possession of heroin and possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. Bail was set at $15,000.

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