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Terrified girl reports possible alligator attack, police find chameleon

Police in in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, got a call from a terrified girl, who reported a crocodile in her family’s backyard, saying that it was about to attack her, and that it was flapping its tongue. That should have been a clue.

Police responded immediately because reportedly people in that country do have exotic pets that escape, or are let loose when the owner becomes bored with them. This time that was not the case.

Police arrived to find, not a large crock, or even a small crock, which could still hurt a person, but a chameleon, which really could only hurt a bug. In the girl’s defense, reports don’t state how old she was, or how big, or mean, the chameleon was. Also, Chameleons are known as mimics, perhaps this particular chameleon evolved the ability to imitate crocodiles.

Police calmed the girl down and explained about the differences between crocks and chameleons.

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