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Jealous wife partially castrates husband, returns, finishes the job

Three months ago, Chinese husband Han Mou asked his wife for a divorce. Fearing that he was unfaithful, and that her sons would wind up with an evil step mom, Han Zhang dosed his drink with sleeping pills, waited for him to pass out, got some scissors and went to work removing what she saw as the root of her problem.

She reportedly cut off her husband’s penis, and flushed it down the toilet so it would never be found. The wounded, bleeding man called police, who reportedly found him covered in blood, with his petite wife holding their baby nearby. Zhang told police what happened, saying that she didn’t know why she “did such a stupid thing.

She was arrested and recently released on bail. Love being what it is, her husband forgave her and took her back, but old habits die hard, and it was not long before she again suspected that Mou was being unfaithful to her.

Given their recent history, Mou was probably wary of the beverages she offered him, so this time Zhang wound up injecting a syringe-full of dissolved sleeping pills into the milk carton, and waiting for Mou to drink it and pass out. She then got out her trusty scissors, ripped off his pants, and went to work removing all that was left of his genitals, and throwing that to the ground.

This time Zhang summoned the ambulance, and turned herself in.

Crimes below the belt: Penile removal and castration

Woman to man: ‘Choose your life or your penis.’

Life sentence for penis-cutting wife

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