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Police arrest suspect in Holly Bobo case

Holly Bobo missing poster

Holly Bobo missing poster

Police have named Zachary Rye Adams, 29, as a suspect in the case of missing Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo, abducted from her family home one morning in April 2011. No trace of Bobo was ever found, except a pool of blood next her her car in the car port.

Adams was arrested on February 28, 2014, in connection with an unrelated February 6 assault on a woman at his home in which he allegedly held a gun to her head and threatened to “gut” her with a knife. When police arrested Adams they also searched his home in connection with Holly’s case. Adams appeared in court Monday in connection with the February 6 assault case.

A grand jury indicted Adams on March 5 for especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree felony murder. Adams was not named as a suspect in the Holly Bobo case until 4 p.m. that day, after the grand jury made its decision.

Police have not said what evidence connects Adams to Holly’s case, only that the grand jury felt that the evidence was compelling enough to show that Holly was ”forcefully taken from her home without her consent” and “killed in the perpetration of that kidnapping,” according to District Attorney General Hansel McCadams.

As of this writing it seems possible that Holly’s mother, Karen Bobo, was one of Adams’ elementary school teachers, but police have not confirmed whether or not that is true or relevant to the case.

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