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Parakeet sucked into Shop-Vac

Okay, so no one got arrested and no one was killed, but we often bring you stories of weird accidents involving animals, and sometimes of horrific animal abuse. This report qualifies as a near-lethal, weird accident, and an good example of something never, ever to do to your bird.

On February 23, 2014, Marie Margarone of Boston, Massachusetts, turned on her Shop-Vac not realizing that her pet parakeet, Birdie, 8, had just ventured inside. It is not known what debris was being vacuumed, how long the bird was in the running vacuum, or what exactly tipped off the owner to her beloved pet’s ordeal, though one can only imagine the sounds emanating from the vacuum cleaner. Luckily, Margarone did manage to turn the machine off in time in time to save Birdie’s life.

By the time Margarone got Birdie out of the canister, however, he was reportedly in very bad shape. He was semi-conscious, bloody, and had a severely broken wing. Birdie was rushed to the Angell Animal Medical Center-  MSPCA where after restoring his strength for three days, he had life-saving emergency surgery, which included partial amputation of the broken wing. He soared through the recovery and went home the next day, where he will hopefully stay warily clear of the Shop-Vac from now on.

The MSPCA released of photo of Birdie’s exam shown here.

Birdie being examined at the vet.

Birdie being examined at the vet.

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