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Police seek Irish girl in fish-slapping prank

Irish Fish slapper (right), and shady accomplice.

Irish Fish slapper (right), and shady accomplice.

No it’s not Monty Python’s Norwegian fish slapping dance, and the suspect is Irish, not Norwegian. In any case, a young couple is wanted after an prank in which they grabbed a large fish and used it to haul off and smack a 53-year-old fish lady in the face. Naturally they recorded the event for posterity on a cell phone.

Police in Lancashire have released surveillance photos of a couple of teens, who approached the fish counter in a local supermarket asking about the different types of fish and “Without warning, the woman picked up a large bream from the fish stall and slapped the worker across the face before running out of the store.” The man, whom the victim believes was filming the prank on his cell phone, ran out with the woman.

The female is described as Irish, 15-18 years old, with “blonde, shoulder-length untidy hair.” She was seen wearing dark jeans and a blue coat with white cuffs, white down the front and a red collar with “I love PB” on the left breast pocket.The male, also 15-18, and about 5-feet-8-inches tall, was wearing a dark coat, boots and dark grey pants.

Police are calling the crime “completely unacceptable,” and they are urging anyone who has any information about the incident to contact police.

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