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Woman writes to those who robbed her while her husband died

A California woman who sped after the ambulance to the hospital after her husband suffered a fatal heart attack at their home, returned to find that thieves had taken the opportunity to loot the house while she was gone. In a personal note to the Record Bee, Naomi Richmond, 63, addresses the robbers who stole all the mementos that she and her late husband David Richmond, 65, shared.

The editor published the letter and shared it on Facebook. Text version follows graphic.

“To Whomever This May Concern;

Thank you to whomever it was that was so thoughtful that they found it necessary to kick in my front door and rob my house when I left to follow the ambulance to the hospital when my husband David died last night.

You have saved me from having to come home and look at David’s laptop and his guns, his prescriptions, all my jewelry, which included the ring that David’s mom gave me right before she died.

But, most of all thank you so very, very much for taking David’s pillowcase off of his pillow. I know you needed it to carry the drawers from my jewelry box so you wouldn’t drop them and damage them. With that single act of kindness displayed by you, you saved me from ever having to lie in our bed and be able to still smell David’s scent while I slept.

So, thank you so much for thinking of me and removing the things from my house that you knew would remind me of him in my period of grief.

Mrs. David Richmond (Naomi)”

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