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Video: Teller laughs at distracted robber who brought meat cleaver to bank

In the past we have brought you stories of people falling off cliffs, and walking into canals while talking on their cell phones, but today we present a young man who set out to rob a bank, announced his intention to the teller, but became so absorbed in a call that he was easily disarmed.

A bank teller in China got a good laugh on video when a distracted bank robber showed up at her bullet-proof-glass security window, and while talking on the loudly on the phone, held up a large meat cleaver and according to teller┬áRong Ku, 41, “He said ‘this is a robbery’ in a really quiet voice and then asked me to hold on while he took a phone call.”

She explained, “I might have taken it seriously if he’d had a gun as you never know really if the security glass will stop a bullet, but I knew he had no chance of getting through with a meat cleaver. It was a bizarre situation and I just had to laugh, especially when he took a telephone call in the middle of the robbery.”

In fact, the would-be robber was so absorbed by the call that he failed to notice the security guard and another bank customer until they wrestled him to the ground.

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