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Australian authorities launch search for massive mango

Last week we brought you the story of the seemingly isolated theft of the three-quarter-ton, gold-flecked Bendigo Rock that was part of a display at the National Rock Garden in Canberra, Australia. This week, the gigantic Big Mango in Bowen, Australia, 1,300 miles away, has also been stolen. Whether this is mere coincidence or part of a larger, more sinister trend is not immediately apparent.

According to sources, the 33-foot-tall, 26-foot wide, 7-ton mango was hoisted away on a truck-mounted crane, but, suspiciously was not reported missing right  away. Some believe this alone indicates that the theft was just a hoax or publicity stunt. Footage from a nearby surveillance camera (below) showed what may have been a precisely-timed professional heist.

In any case, authorities don’t seem too worried about tracking down the giant fruit statue, “At the end of the day it’s a bloody big mango and I’m sure someone will see it and we’ll find it anyway,” said Bowen Tourism chairman Paul McLaughlin.

Eerily, just last week the Bendigo Rock, part of historic display at the National Rock Garden in Canberra was stolen, police believe with a crane. Since there was no evidence that the rock was broken up at the crime scene, authorities in Canberra felt that that it would turn up soon, though chillingly, it is still missing.

As of this writing, police have not speculated as to a motive for either theft. Though the Bendigo rock is not on Australia’s list of Big Things, the Big Mango, and other large fruit-statues are. Some warn that the assembly of some giant fruit salad is afoot, others fear they could be some sort of distraction, part of a larger-scale ABC-type crime spree.

Police in Australia search for massive missing rock

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