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Police in Australia search for massive missing rock

National rock display after the theft.

National rock display after the theft.

It seems that thieves will steal anything  – even a big, heavy display rock that is nailed down. Police in Australia are on the lookout for a stolen rock, flecked with gold that was part of a display in the National Rock Garden in Canberra commemorating Victoria’s historic gold rush.

At three-quarters of a ton, the rock was reportedly the lightest one in the garden, the top-most piece and the smallest specimen in a three rock display. According to Rock Garden chairman Brad Pillans, the missing rock, “which was actually mounted on top of the larger rock and secured with three metal pins, would have required a crane” to lift and a truck to take away. ” He added, ”They may well try to crush it up and extract the gold.”

How anyone could sneak around with a crane and not get caught on some camera somewhere is an open question.

National rock display before the theft.

National rock display before the theft.

He added, “The silly thing is they’ve caused thousands of dollars of damage to the exhibition and taken a rock which will be very difficult to replace, all for perhaps $200 worth of gold.”

Police are hoping that the thieves will decide that the project isn’t worth it and will dump the rock. Pillans is asking Canberrans to a keep sharp lookout out for a large, white rock that will presumably show up out of nowhere in someone’s front yard.

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