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Video: Baby dragged 100 feet by truck is unhurt

Ivianah being dragged in the stroller, her mother in pursuit.

Ivianah being dragged in the stroller.

Ivianah Figueroa, only four months old, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is miraculously alive and unhurt after accidentally hitching a ride in her stroller Wednesday from a passing truck.

It seems that the child’s mother Ana Rivera, was running errands on foot, pushing little Ivianah in the stroller on the sidewalk, when she was confronted by a large area of deeper snow on Union and Merrimack streets. Rivera maneuvered the the stroller off the curb and onto the street intending to dart along the sidewalk between the curb and a stopped truck.

As she was doing this, the truck started to move, and a step on the struck caught the wheel of the stroller. According to Rivera, “And that’s when the wheel got caught on the side of the truck but literally it just took the stroller right off my hands.”

The incident, caught by surveillance cameras, shows the terrified mother run after the truck as it drags baby and stroller down Merrimack street and turns the corer on Union street, “I thought he was going to keep going with the carriage,” said Rivera. “I didn’t know what to think. I just wanted to catch him. Everybody was honking the horn.”

Luckily, after going about 100 feet, the struck stopped. “I think a Good Samaritan got his attention and stopped. The baby didn’t fall out of the carriage,” explained Lawrence Police Chief James Fitzpatrick. As far the driver is concerned, police said that “he did not see them at all,” and told them that “‘they came out of nowhere.’”

Happily, Ivianah was fine and did not have a scratch her.

There are no plans to charge the truck driver with any offense.

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