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NY City: Teen sex slave escapes captors

This house in Queens was one of the locations where the girl was held

A 14-year-old Queens girl abducted and held in Jamaica, Queens, for months as a sex slave is finally free. She was able to use an unattended cell phone to surreptitiously call her grandmother and the police on February 3, 2014.

Her grandmother reported the unnamed teen missing last September. The girl ran away after complaining that her grandmother, with whom she had been living, was too strict

In November, the girl met her alleged enslavers: Stephen “Fresh” Garrison, 25, Lindsay “Touch” Archibald, 31, and Quanesha “Peaches” Hunte, 23. They told her she needed a pimp–and they allegedly volunteered.

The trio reportedly forced her to have sex with numerous men, who paid them. This began at a home on Inwood Street in Jamaica, Queens, but her captors soon moved her to Hunte’s own home on nearby 107th Avenue. Vice Enforcement Deputy Inspector Anthony Favale told the Daily News that pimps will often relocate a girl or woman who is reported missing, or whom they think a sympathetic john might try to help. He said that the vice squad typically keeps an eye out for such missing girls, who all too frequently end up in prostitution or otherwise endangered.

The teen’s captors beat her and threatened to kill her if she tried to run away.

She eventually managed to sneak to a quiet room with someone’s cell phone and make a series of whispered calls for help. She understandably didn’t know the address of the place she was imprisoned, but she was able to describe a laundromat and other local businesses and landmarks to lead police to the home on 107th Avenue.

Garrison, Achibald and Hunte are being held on bail. They face various charges, including child endangerment, weapons possession, and promotion of prostitution. Garrison may also be charged with rape.

The girl is back with her grandmother.

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