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Suicide bomber training ‘glitch’ kills instructor, 21 students, injures others

The aftermath of a car bomb in Baghdad.

The aftermath of a car bomb in Baghdad.

A secret suicide bombing how-to training class, instructed by an allegedly “experienced” operative, concluded when the class project unexpectedly exploded, killing bomber and students alike. Many hope that the fatal bug that blew up the would-be bombers, becomes a regular feature of all suicide-bomber training seminars.

Security forces first converged on the area on February 10, 2014, after hearing a loud boom. There they found the bomb-maker’s camp hidden by an orchard in the small village of  al-Jalam, an al-Qaeda stronghold near the Sunni city of Samarra.

According to anonymous witnesses, the training session was intended to teach would-be suicide bombers how to make car bombs and explosive belts for the purposes blowing themselves and others up. The bombs sort of worked: they did blow up the bombers.

Inexplicably, the trainer used live ammo to assemble the demonstration. A reported “glitch” sett off a car bomb, car and all, with the instructor and students present. The instructor and 21 students were killed instantly, 12 wounded tried unsuccessfully to run away, leaving 10 able-bodied suicide bombers out of business.

A search of the area produced two more car bombs, several explosive belts, all of which were diffused by authorities.

Sadly, it seems that terror activity in the region is increasing, on the plus side, however, thanks to this class the ten survivors probably have no idea how to properly assemble a bomb that won’t blow up in their faces.

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