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Boy’s 9th birthday ruined when police officer shoots dog (with video)

A Filer, Idaho, police officer responding to a call shot a 7-year-old black Labrador Retriever in the front yard of its owner, who was celebrating his 9-year-old son’s birthday.

Officer Tarek Hassani’s dashcam video shows the shooting. Hassani then has a heated exchange with the dog’s owner, Rick Clubb, in which he explains that he has been bitten by dogs before, didn’t know the dog and was afraid of being attacked. In the video, the dog can be seen interacting with Hassani. The breed is not one normally associated with aggressive behavior.

Clubb told an Idaho newspaper that he suffers Parkinson’s disease, and the dog, named Hooch, was a trained service animal. “He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” Clubb told the newspaper. “It was right outside my son’s bedroom. What if it had ricocheted through the window?”

Filer Police Chief Tim Reeves defended Officer Hassani’s decision, stating that there were multiple dogs running around unleashed. Clubb was ticketed for allowing animals to run at large.

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