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French jewel thief DNA betrayed by a kiss

The case reads almost like a plot taken from a film noire: A woman is tortured by two men for information. She breaks. They seem to share a moment of intimacy, one assailant kisses her. She is able to use that his kiss to exact her revenge. Only in Paris.

On April 27, 2013, two men followed the manager of a Parisian jewelry store home to her apartment, invaded her home, held her hostage. during the ordeal the attackers poured gasoline on on the woman and threatened to set her on fire if she did not give them the store’s alarm and vault codes. The terrified woman complied.

One of the thieves then went to the jewelry store and robbed it, while the other, identified as Pierre G., 20,¬†held the woman captive in her home. When the first thief returned with the loot to get his accomplice, the women was released, but not before Pierre G., in what may have been an act of compassion, planted a kiss on her cheek, according to police to “ease her trauma” in the wake of the assault.

The victim immediately called police, who swabbed her cheek for the thief’s DNA. Police ran the results through their offenders database and got a hit last month. Pierre G. was already in prison serving time for another offense, and reportedly confessed to the theft.



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