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Florida school calls bomb squad on suspicious pillows

Suspicious, though non-threatening pillows identified by bomb squad.

Suspicious, though non-threatening pillows identified by bomb squad.

The Somerset Preparatory Charter Middle School in Miramar, Florida, went into lockdown on Tuesday morning after seeing an unidentified woman place an item on the side of the road near the school, a sinister item, a plaid shopping bag.

The school immediately reported the suspicious, plaid shopping bag to police. The woman was gone by the time police responded. Officers felt it would be safer to contact the bomb squad rather than take any unnecessary risks. Once the bomb squad is involved, all suspicious items must be treated as potentially dangerous threats.

Students were herded to the back of the school for two hours, and police shut down nearby streets while the bomb-squad experts assessed the threat level.

According to police spokesperson Tania Rues, the bomb squad determined that “It was pillows.” Eight pillows to be precise. Not sure what threat level that is, it is probably low.”

We are sure that everyone in Miramar will sleep better knowing that — except those eight people missing their pillows.

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