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Alleged arsonist was asked not to masturbate in open windows

Kenneth Haskins

Kenneth Haskins

Florida man Kenneth Haskins, 58, allegedly has developed a habit of pleasuring himself where he can be seen in public. Recently, he reportedly got a request from the management company of the apartment building where he has lived for the last ten years asking that he refrain from masturbating in open windows and doors for all to see.

It is not clear how long the behavior has been going on. Haskins, according to police, has no prior criminal record. His facial disfigurement was caused by a self-inflicted shotgun blast to the face. Whether it was a botched suicide attempt or an accident is not stated in the reports.

Offended by what he reportedly considers unfair treatment, Haskins who allegedly confessed to the crime, wanted revenge on the management company.

So on February 2, 2014, he allegedly set fire to his unit, and consequently the building. It took firefighters 20 minutes to evacuated the 28 units and extinguish the blaze, which left four people homeless — including Haskins. The Red Cross is reportedly helping the tenants from the other three units until they can return home. No one was injured.

Arson investigators found evidence that flammable liquids had been spread in Haskins apartment both in the kitchen and the bedroom. It is not known if Haskins stayed in the apartment and had to be evacuated by firefighters, or if he was found outside. Haskins was arrested on a felony arson charge on February 3.

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