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Ontario humane society seek person who shot cat 17 times

Joe, now in the care of animal rescue workers

Joe, now in the care of animal rescue workers

Animal rescuers in Ontario are seeking the public’s help in tracking down the perpetrator in what’s being called a “horrific animal cruelty” case.

The Sarnia and District Humane Society received a male cat who’d suffered an unspeakable assault: the poor feline had been shot in the head with a shocking 17 pellets.

Though the peach-colored kitty, named Joe by rescue workers, survived the shooting, a spokesperson for the organization says he’s going to lose one of his eyes.

A-ray of the pellets in Joe's head.

A-ray of the pellets in Joe's head.

The cat, who’s expected to undergo surgery to remove the pellets, was dropped off at the humane society by a man on his way to church on February 2nd. Since his arrival, Joe has received plenty of attention and numerous donations from across Canada and the U.S. The Sarnia Humane Society has been reporting on Joe’s progress on their Facebook page, while also reminding those seeking to adopt Joe that there are countless other cats in need of good homes.

A video, seen below, was posted by the Ontario Humane Society in an appeal for any information regarding the attack on Joe the cat. Anyone with information is urged to contact the organization’s investigations department at 519-344-7064 x29.

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