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Neighbors report screaming domestic assault, police find mating hogs

Similar happy hog

Similar happy hog

What sounded, alarmingly, like a person screaming in pain, turned out not to be the Silence of the Lambs, but the gleeful mating of the pigs.

Police in the small town of China, Maine, got a call on January 27, 2014, from a woman who thought she had heard a domestic assault, complete with blood curdling screams emanating from the household next door. The woman’s home was separated from the home in question by a wooded area, so all she could report was what she heard, “The caller reported she heard screaming.

Naturally, police were dispatched to investigate. What they found was lots of screaming, yes, but also a female owner who explained that the screams were emanating from her amorous male hog, who was overjoyed at having been placed in a pen with five sows in heat to mate at will.

Police concluded that there was no assault or disturbance “other than the screaming male pig,” and made no efforts to separate the animals.

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