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Cow massager ignites gas from 90 flatulent cows, blows barn roof

Similar cow massager

Similar cow massager

According to police in Germany, a January 27 barn fire in Rasdorf, Germany, was caused by a massive cow-fart explosion. It seems that the methane emitted by the gassy animals built up in the barn until “a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames.

Specifically, the cows’ personal massager kicked on and poof. The latest trend in bovine husbandry seems to be this large cow massaging brush, that purportedly makes the cows, cleaner, healthier and happier — that is, unless it blows up the cows.

One cow can emit up to 132 gallons of methane gas each day, so it is not clear if these particular cows were excessively gassy that day, or if someone just forgot to open a window. Though, there is no mention of any cows receiving treatment for gassiness.

The blast damaged the roof and the fire injured one of the cows, who had to be treated for burns.

Emergency responders, hoping to prevent any further blasts, stayed on site afterwards to carefully monitor gas levels at the scene until they stabilized at a safe level.

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