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Police: Guy on a horse gets lost with someone’s kid, drunkenly rides around trying to return him

Dennis Byers

Dennis Byers

Let’s think back to a simpler time. A man on a horse gallops around with a lost child, seeking nothing but the satisfaction of returning the little tyke to his worried parents. Then (like in this episode of Guy on a Buffalo) he places the precious babe into the arms of his worried mother, who thanks our valiant horseman profusely and insists that he stay and have a hearty dinner of gruel and scrapple with the family.

Well, in this danger-wary world, things like that can’t happen anymore. Just ask Tulsa man Dennis Byers, whose act of equestrian good will ended in arrest and charges. So what if Byers was a little (ok, a lot) tipsy when he rode his horse around town for five hours with a three-year-old in tow? And so what if he allegedly got the kid lost in the first place?

Tulsa police say the child’s father wanted to buy a horse from Byers, who offered to give the boy a ride to his house. According to a news report, the father was supposed to meet Byers, his horse, and the boy back at the house, but they got separated when the dad got a phone call and Byers got lost. At some point after that, he allegedly had a few drinks, presumably to cope with the stress of suddenly being in possession of someone else’s kid.

The matter finally got resolved when police responded to a report of an intoxicated man on horseback with a small child. Byers got thrown in jail on charges of public intoxication and child endangerment. The boy was placed in state custody while authorities look into his home situation.


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