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Fetish priest arrested by angry ghost

Scary ghost

Scary ghost

In a move that reportedly threw a small town in the African country Ghana into chaos, the ghost of a dead man possessed a woman and performed a citizen’s arrest of the fetish priest who was allegedly responsible for his mysterious and untimely demise.

The hubbub occurred on January 16, 2014, in Fasen, at the funeral of Kweku Musu, who had mysteriously dropped dead three days prior. Witnesses say that Maame Abome, possessed by the dead man’s ghost, led the mourners to the nearby town of Kwamekrom, to fetish priest Nana Tandoh, where she found a gun, some bullets and a fetish pot, and dragged the priest back to Fasen. At the Chief’s palace in Fasen, in order to avoid lynching, the terrified priest confessed to having spiritually slain the dead man.

These events were confirmed and explained, thankfully, by the town’s Chief, Nana Obomu Nketsia III, for the Ghana News Agency. According to Nketsia, a Fasen man named Oldman Armoo, whose phone had been stolen, had asked the fetish priest to put a big bad spiritual whammy on his phone and, consequently, on whoever stole it.

The priest began the ritual at his own shrine in Kwamekrom, and then completed it in Fasen, by firing three shots from a gun in into the air, a spiritual shooting of the perpetrator. Not surprisingly, the man’s phone was soon returned to him — anonymously.

With his phone recovered, the man reportedly asked the priest to cleanse the phone and remove the evil, dark whammy, but was told that it was too late for that, and that he should not to even touch his old phone.

That’s about when Kweku Musu became a ghost. A death which his family blames on the fetish priest.

Nketsia reportedly narrowly saved the priest’s life, and confiscated the gun, bullets and fetish pot, recommending that the irate family report the incident to police.

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