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Police: Drunk woman parked self — and remains of car — in jail lot

There are a lot of reports circling around today about Brielle Watkins, the woman who allegedly pulled her busted-up vehicle right into a jail parking lot early Monday morning. According to Gainesville, FL., police, Watkins was intoxicated when she drove her Ford Escape, minus one whole rear tire, into the county jail. Inside the truck, say police, were two open but full bottles of beer.

What the reports don’t mention is what could possibly have been on Watkins’ mind at the time. Did she, having an alleged BAC of .222, not realize she was driving herself to jail? Or did she, through the haze of intoxication, decide to turn herself in and sober up? At the moment, nobody, including possibly Watkins herself, knows.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out our gallery of Drunk & Ridiculous Arrests.

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