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Blogger stole poker chips with chopsticks

Poker blogger Jay “WhoJedi” Newnum was hired by Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut to provide coverage of a poker tournament, which he attended and covered as planned. But in the hours after the event was over he decided to give himself a bonus by taking tips from the dealers’ tip boxes. He fished the poker chips out of the boxes using chopsticks. He was caught, arrested and charged with fifth-degree larceny. He’s been barred from the casino.

Newnum stole about $700 from the tip boxes before he was caught. He has since returned the money and only faces probation since this was his first offence. He can never return to Foxwoods property and its safe to say he’s no longer employed by the casino. A spokesperson for Foxwoods told that they have alerted other casinos about Newnum as well.



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