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Florida man bites off neighbor’s ear over cigarette

Alberto Felipe

Alberto Felipe

It seems that smoking is bad for you in ways that no one ever even  imagined. A man in Boca Raton nearly had his ear bitten completely off by an angry neighbor whose request to bum a cigarette was denied.

The victim, John Ott, was reportedly “helping out a friend” on January 3 when he was approached by neighbor, Alberto Felipe. Ott later told reporters that Felipe had yelled at him belligerently in the past from across the street, but it never got physical.

This time Felipe asked Ott if he could bum a smoke from him; Ott said no. For those who have never smoked, saying no to someone trying to bum a cig must be done tactfully, primarily because the asker is likely having a nicotine fit and might not take a denial of their request very well.

Felipe then approached Ott. ”He comes up puts me in a bear hug and next thing I know he’s biting my ear,” Ott told CBS

When Felipe was done, Ott’s ear was reportedly hanging by a single piece of cartilage, but luckily repair required few stitches at a hospital. Felipe never did get that  cigarette.

Ott said he plans to file a restraining order against Felipe, which is probably wise, as CBS 12 reports that Felipe has been arrested on three prior occasions in Palm Beach County for assault and battery.

For this, his fourth arrest, police charged Felipe with aggravated battery causing bodily harm, and set his bond at $3,000.

Felipe made bond and was reportedly back to yelling at Ott from across the street again.

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