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The mysterious case of the decapitated dildos

Lakenya Bristol (left), and Regina Watts

Lakenya Bristol (left), and Regina Watts

On November 17, 2013, police in Indian River County Florida responded to a call from¬†Lakenya Bristol, 32, who had just moved out of her girlfriend’s house after a an arrest for domestic violence. She showed the officer her personal collection of sex toys: three dildos that, disturbingly, had the “heads” cut off, and fingered her ex as the culprit.

The ex,¬†Regina Watts, 47, who had packed up Bristol’s things when she put her out, was then interviewed by the officer. According to the police report, “Watts stated that she had no knowledge of the damage to the sex toys and assumed that the damage occurred after the belongings were removed from her custody.”

With no further leads, police were forced to close the case, but the mystery surrounding the dildos remains unsolved.

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