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The complete list: Most crooked cops of all-time

Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicnelli

Manuel Ramos & Jay Cicnelli
They probably weren’t the first police officers to beat a man to death for no good reason, but Fullerton Police Officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli had the poor sense to do it in full view of surveillance cameras. The July 5, 2011 attack on schizophrenic homeless man Kelly Thomas was captured on video and broadcast world wide on the internet. Prosecutors would marry the video to the officers’ voice recorders to provide a full-on snuff film — from Ramos’ threat: “See my fists? They’re getting ready to fuck you up.” until Thomas’ last words “Dad, they’re killing me!” Thomas never recovered from the savage beating and died five days later. Now Ramos and Cicinelli are standing trial for Thomas’ death — the first cops in Orange County history to be tried for killing a man while in uniform.

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