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Woman belted man with Bible over Ten Commandments argument

Daniel Joseph Camarda(left), and Carolyn Murley Unfricht

Daniel Joseph Camarda(left), and Carolyn Murley Unfricht

Is bashing someone in the face with your Bible a violation of the Ten Commandments? Perhaps not, but it is a violation of Georgia battery laws, and will get you arrested.

Police responded to a 911 call and hangup from a hotel in Cartersville, Georgia, at around 1 a.m. on December 21, 2013, to find fresh blood on the carpet and a bloody towel in the sink of the hotel room, according to the police report. In the room were Carolyn Murley Unfricht, 56, and Daniel Joseph Camarda, 35, “highly intoxicated with slurred speech and having some difficulty walking.”  Initially Camarda said that Unfricht got hurt when she “fell down.”

Further questioning by police revealed that the two had been engaged in a heated religious debate about the Bible and specifically the Ten Commandments when according to Unfricht, the argument “became heated.” We don’t know what Camarda said, but we do know that when he said it Unfricht “arose from her seat with the Bible in hand and struck Mr. Camarda across the face,” breaking his $150 glasses and leaving a nasty red mark. According to police, “Camarda then slung her across the room striking the television and a table” and “at some point during being thrown around she struck her head causing a cut…(and injuring) her right foot.”

They were both arrested and taken into custody, Camarda for battery under the Family Violence Act, and Unfricht for battery and criminal trespass, also under the Family Violence Act.

Since they are family, they can finish their intellectual debate another time.

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