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Arrested for DUI, woman calls drunk friends for ride, gets them arrested too

When you are collared for driving under the influence, and you need a ride home, it should be obvious that you need a sober person to come and get you. Conversely, when you drive to a police station for any reason at all, you should be sober. With that in mind, this case shows how “the obvious” often slips by people when they are drunk.

It all started in the wee hours of December 16, 2013, at about 1:45 a.m. when police in Readington Twp., New Jersey, stopped Carmen Reategui, 34, after allegedly seeing her swerving while driving. Police reportedly smelled alcohol emanating from her car, and when she failed a field sobriety test, arrested her for driving while under the influence of alcohol, failure to stay in her lane and failure to provide a vehicle insurance card.

Naturally Reategui couldn’t drive herself home, so she called her friend Nina Petracca, 23. Unfortunately for both of them, Petracca showed up visibly schnockered, and failed a spot field sobriety test given at the station. She too was arrested for DUI. As if that wasn’t enough, when police searched her they found Vicodin in an unmarked container in her purse, so they added charges of possession of Vicodin and driving while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

So there was no way she was driving herself or Reategui home.

Then women then put their heads together and called their friend, Ryan Hogan, 33, for a ride home. Alas Hogan showed up reeking of booze, and failed a spot field sobriety test at the police station, so that’s three DUIs and no ride home.

Eventually an unnamed sober adult seems to have taken pity on the trio and driven them home. Our guess, it was one of the cops, or maybe they called a cab.

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