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Jersey strip bar Xmas shooting leaves three dead

It was the night before Christmas at Slick’s Gogo bar in Irvington, New Jersey when shots rang out and bullets started flying.

A man tried to enter with a gun, the bouncer observed the weapon and asked him about it. Instead of turning around and leaving the gunman started firing into the busy bar.

The shooting occurred at 12:45 early Christmas morning killing three and injuring two at the popular strip club. Pierre Clervoyent, 24, of Elizabeth, Woodley Daniel, 32, of Irvington and Mushir Cureton, 27, of Newark were killed. Clervoyent was the club owner’s son. Police described Cureton as an “unintended victim.”  About 100 people were at the bar when the shooting occurred.

Police said that they were looking for a gray sedan that fled the scene. No arrests have been made.


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