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Andras Pandy, ‘Devil’s Pastor’ of Belgium dies at 86

Andras Pandy

Andras Pandy

Andras Pandy, aka the Devil’s Pastor, died in prison on December 23, 2013. A Hungarian-born former preacher, Pandy was serving a life sentence in Bruges, Belgium for rape, incest and multiple murders. Cause of death has not been announced.

Pandras was arrested in 1997, when his daughter Agnes, whom he had been raping since she was 13, turned him in to police. Agnes confessed to having been so terrified of him that in the 1980s she helped him commit and conceal the murders of two of his wives, his two sons and two step-daughters.

Some of the victims were shot, others bludgeoned with a sledgehammer. The remains of some were dissolved in acid, while others were dismembered, chopped up and dumped in street gutters. Disturbingly, when authorities searched they found teeth belonging to the known victims, and other people as well. In all, police believed Pandy killed 13 people, some of whom were children.

When questioned, Pandy claimed that his victims were in fact alive, and that he was still in touch with them ”through angels.” Psychiatrists testified that he was an ”asocial paranoid.”

In 2002, Pandy was convicted on all charges and sentenced to life in prison. Agnes, who testified for the prosecution, was convicted for her role in five of the six murders, and jailed for 21 years. She was released on parole in 2010.

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