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Guy showed up drunk to New Jersey DMV for road test

According to police, Stephen Goss, 53, of Hackettstown, New Jersey, showed up intoxicated at the DMV to take his December 11, 2013, road test. Luckily for everyone the instructor caught it and did not allow Goss to take the test.

According to the Randolph Twp. Police report, the instructor “detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from the defendant’s breath.” The instructor summoned police, who conducted a field sobriety test, which Goss failed. He was arrested for DWI, and reckless driving.

A breathalyzer test later showed the Goss had a blood-alcohol content of .13. The legal limit in New Jersey is .08.

Disturbingly, Goss seems to have driven himself to the DMV that day. Police had to call a relative to drive him home.

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