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Man stole vehicle to be on time for court date for stealing vehicle

Michael Heller

Michael Heller

They say people learn from their mistakes, but what exactly a person may or may not learn could surprise you. Take for example Mike Heller, 21, of Anderson, California, who was running late for a court date December 12, 2013, for theft of a vehicle.

To his credit, Heller recognized how vital it is to be on time to such things. His solution, however is unlikely to win him any points with the judge.

Heller saw John Westberg, 69, working on his 1989 Ford Ranger, jumped in the driver’s seat and roared off to make his court date on time. Westberg called police who caught up with Heller and stopped him.

Heller reportedly admitted to police that he stole the truck because he didn’t have a ride to his court appearance for vehicle theft. He was arrested for vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle, and booked into the Shasta County Jail.

And , yes, he missed his court date.

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