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Mother beat baby nearly to death, then took selfie with him

Callum and Emma Wilson

Callum and Emma Wilson

The mother who beat her baby to within an inch of his life and took a selfie with him, has been found guilty of murder.

Emma Wilson, 25, of Winsor, England, was charged with beating her 11-month-old son Callum so badly that the injuries led to his death. According to prosecutors, young Callum’s life started with his mother leaving him at the hospital on April 23, 2010, and denying his existence, because her then-boyfriend Neil Richardson didn’t think she could handle two kids. He was right.

November 2010, Wilson took Callum out of foster care, and brought him home to her government-provided apartment where she lived with her 2 year-old son. She continued to deny that the baby was hers. On March 17, 2011, the neighbors reportedly heard five or six “loud bangs,” violent bangs seconds apart, ‘so much so that the floor shook with the impact’.

The next morning Wilson called paramedics saying that her infant, who had been fine the might before when she put him to bed, was “lifeless and not doing anything.”

Doctors at the hospital saw that the the baby’s face was bruised, and soon determined that he had sustained an “unsurvivable brain injury.” Also, he had nine fractured ribs, his left leg and right arm were broken, and one of his retinas was detached causing blindness in one eye. Callum died two days later.

Wilson blames the injuries on rough play with Callum’s 23-month-old brother.

Jurors were shown a selfie that Wilson took with Callum after the fateful beating. The photo shows a grinning Wilson with Callum, his faced bruised, moving away from his brother, who is holding a pair of open pruning shears.

It took the jury about 10 hours of deliberation to unanimously find the young mother guilty of murder. She is set to be sentenced in January 2013.

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