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Police: Mom huffing ‘whippets’ passed out with baby in car

Jennifer Ann Lee, 29.

Jennifer Ann Lee, 29.

Sarasota, Florida, mom Jennifer Ann Lee, 29, is facing charges of child neglect after police reportedly found her with several spent nitrous oxide cartridges in, around and under her in the car, and her son, 1, asleep in the back seat.

According to the arrest report, a person saw Lee’s car at an intersection around 9:20 p.m. on December 6, 2013. The witness noticed that she was asleep with a baby in the car, and offered to drive the tired mother wherever she needed to go. Lee thanked the person and allowed herself to be driven about a block, to a nearby parking lot, where the Good Samaritan left her and the baby.

Concerned, he asked a friend to check on the car later. That friend called 911 after allegedly seeing Lee doing “whippets” (nitrous oxide cartridges) right in front of him.

From outside the car, police reportedly saw the spent cartridges, and asked Lee about falling asleep at the intersection. According to the report, Lee admitted to falling asleep, saying “I was tired and it happens.” Police said Lee was “highly uncooperative” when they arrested her, and “unleashed a verbal attack on all officers present.”

One of Lee’s relatives was called to take care of the baby while police investigated, and child services reportedly met with family members.

Lee was released Saturday after posting a $2,000 bond.

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